DevBlog #4: Development on Pause

It’s been a while since posting, but that’s not because we have given up on RogueVR development!  On the contrary, after rigging and animating the emu (and, yes, that’s just as terrifying and hilarious as it sounds), we decided to explore an innovative wearable VR interface that would take virtual dungeon exploration to the next level.

In the process, we stumbled upon a tangential idea that is a stepping-stone to our final goal, but warranted a project all of its own, and it was too good not to run with immediately.

Thus, for the past month RogueVR has been shelved while we develop a side-venture… but fear not, intrepid dungeon explorers! We still hope to complete a Level 1 playable demo by Q1 2016!  Just in time for official Oculus release!

In the meantime… here’s a sneak peek of the ne...

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DevBlog #3: Kestrels and Emus and Quaggas, oh my!

We’re currently working on a fully-functional demo to play Level One of the many (26+) levels you will need to make it down in the game. As such, we’re focusing efforts on those assets (items, monsters, etc.) that you would likely encounter in the first level of the finished game. Wands and staffs will require some special equip/use cases and particle effects, etc., so they will not be in the first-level demo. However, you will be able to explore the dungeon and find gold, weapons, armor, and even some magical items (potions and scrolls) which you can equip or use.

Up next is populating the dungeon with monsters...

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Dear Original Rogues

Dear Original Rogues (Michael Toy, Ken Arnold, Glenn Wichman):

I am contacting you and the rest of the original Rogue developer crew (Glenn, Michael, Ken… are there others I am missing?) to make you aware of a project I have started to pay tribute to the game and bring a close resemblance of it into the modern era via virtual reality:

A little bit of background: I grew up with Rogue. I was born around the same time as personal computing (1978); we had a PC in the house since the early 80s, and games like Rogue were what inspired me, at a young age, to say “How do you make computers do that? I want to be able to make the computer do what I tell it to.” (thus I developed my first games in BASIC when I was 8 years old; ended up with a BS in Comp. Sci...

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Dev Blog #2: Status / Inventory Screen and Map Now Functional

Some exciting developments in our efforts to get at least a bare-minimum fully-playable demo created:

  • We have developed the inventory screen which will pop up at the push of a button (keyboard, mouse, controller, touch-screen, magnet-switch, etc.) … from this screen, you can see status information (health, gold, experience, etc.) as well as equip your character using the same intuitive look-interact interface as the rest of the game.
  • If you look down from the inventory/status, you will see your map of the level. The map dynamically updates as you explore the level, recording only which rooms you have visited (as well as items, monsters, etc. if they have been discovered via exploration or magical scrolls)
Equip your hero wisely!

Equip your hero wisely!

Look down at your hands to consult your map if you are lost

Look down at your hands to consult your map if you are los...

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DevBlog #1: Features & To-Do List

As new features and functionality are added, we’ll write devblogs (sometimes videos) to share the progress and show what we are working on next.

Completed Features

  • Look & walk functionality
  • All map items: dungeon rooms & interiors, furniture, props
  • Potions created and partially scripted (no effects yet)
  • Weapon models completed
  • Food ration models completed
  • Treasure/gold models completed
  • Ring models completed
  • Armor types partially completed
  • Attack interface and item interaction / grab mechanic created (open door partially completed)
  • Monster modes (aggressive vs. passive)
  • Majority of monsters are meshed, textured, and animated.
  • Animated scrolls (these do not yet do anything, and still need to have text added to them)
  • Procedural level/map generation (does not yet include all non-map assets: ...
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Rogue’s Gallery – A Menacing Menagerie of Monsters

A small sampling of the 26 total monster types in RogueVR:

Rogues Gallery

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UPDATE: RogueVR to also be available on Sony Project Morpheus!

The user interface of RogueVR is being designed in such a way that the core game mechanics should work on any VR headset system — regardless of controller inputs!

For this reason, we plan to release RogueVR first for Oculus, but also for HTC Vive / SteamVR and Sony’s Project Morpheus on PS4!

We are, however, also exploring more innovative, immersive, and mind-blowing controls/inputs, and these (optional) features would vary from device to device, allowing you to enhance the experience with certain controllers… but not requiring them to play the game.  Stay tuned!

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Try the (Very Alpha) RogueVR Teaser Demo for Oculus!

The RogueVR teaser trailer shows you a sample of in-game footage, but it’s not quite the same experience as immersing yourself in the actual virtual environment of the game! If you have an Oculus Rift and would like a taste of how the game will feel, go ahead and click here to download the free Oculus Teaser Demo! (currently requires Oculus DK1 or DK2 on Windows)

INSTRUCTIONS: Download and unzip the executable file from the above link, then run it (make sure your Oculus is plugged in and turned on!) Whichever direction the Oculus is facing when you start the program will be the default “forward” facing direction, so make sure the headset is facing forward before starting the game.

Once in the game, you can look around, see the environment, see your body, etc...

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RogueVR Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

We have officially started a Kickstarter! Help us make this game a reality and make it available by the time Oculus Rift and Vive / SteamVR become available to the public, so they will have something great to play right away!

We have also put this up as a Greenlight concept on Steam. This is not yet an official Greenlight submission — we will do that once our Level One Demo is out — but you can head to the concept page and if you like/fave it, you will automatically get Steam notifications and updates when we DO move to actual Greenlight (coming soon, we hope!)

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Welcome to… RogueVR! A new virtual reality roguelike faithful to the classic…

This blog begins the journey that is… RogueVR! What is Rogue VR, you ask?

RogueVR is “Rogue Virtual Reality” — in other words, it’s our attempt to bring the granddaddy of “roguelike” games into the modern era. Rogue was a classic, but more than that, it was a paradigm shifter:

  • It brought “graphics” into what was otherwise a “text adventure” world. Text adventures are cool. They are “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, in computer format (which improves efficiency quite a bit), and who doesn’t like that? But there’s nothing like visuals to actually show you where you are, and what’s around you… unlike having to type “look” or “north” every five seconds.
  • It introduced an idea of procedural level generation… in other words, you can be frustrated over and over again, without learning much o...
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