STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Websites DON’T Work on iPad!

This video gives just a few examples of why iPads are not sufficient for education. In this video, I sample just a small number of websites that are useful for project-based and problem-based learning in the common-core (and often free) but CANNOT be used by iPads because a great many of these educational websites require web plugins like Flash, Shockwave, Java, or Unity. Android tablets CAN access websites that run Flash, and ALL of these websites can be accessed on desktop or laptop (or netbook/ultrabook) computers running Windows or Mac OS.

Websites introduced in this video are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) resources including:

Teachers Domain:
Math by Design:
Villainy, Inc:
Port – A Transportation System:
Architect Studio 3D:
ExploreLearning Gizmos:
Annenberg Learner Interactive – Rock Cycles:
Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:
Discovery Kids:
PBS Kids:
Sid the Science Kid:
Wild Kratts:
BBC Science Clips:
BBC Bitesize:
HSP Math:
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:
Education City:
Study Island:

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