The paperless classroom test results are in… and they are good!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Paperless Mojo, for a variety of reasons — some of them being that I am developing lots of things (interface jacket, game, and possibly even a camera to capture the real world as a VR environment) for virtual reality, as well as developing an inexpensive computer/curriculum to teach kids coding via Minecraft (stay tuned!)

However, I’m also still here teaching a paperless classroom, for the third year in a row, and things are going great. The #PaperlessMojo is strong again this year!

How strong? Well, why don’t we just take a look at some objective, standardized data to measure how well our paperless 6th grade class did last year (results obtained from official CAASPP website):

ELA Results

Math Results

Notice anything remarkable? We ditched cursive and read from e-textbooks online, and the results? Only 6% of 6th graders scored “Standard not met” in English Language Arts testing.  Likewise, our math curriculum (Pearson Digits) was entirely online, from e-book to e-homework.  End result: 26% of students exceeded standard.

Compare our paperless 6th grade results to the other, non-paperless grades at our school.

Heck, compare our results to the entire state of California:

CA ELA ResultsCA Math


Now consider this:

The population of our school district, in which the paperless 6th grade outperformed average, is:

  • 86% disadvantaged (low-SES/free-or-reduced-lunch)
  • 83% Hispanic
  •  77% English learners (EL)

The implication seems clear: going paperless/digital certainly isn’t detrimental to the education of our students!

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