Updates coming soon: PBL, CAD, 3D Printing, and a virtual Whiteboard

Just a quick note to say that, even though things have been super busy this year, this blog is not dead!

I will be adding a few new posts soon, including:

  1. How to use Google Sheets to replace your Whiteboard (or blackboard/chalkboard… or document camera), and achieve better learning in the process
  2. “The Parthenon Project”, an example of 21st century interdisciplinary PBL that incorporates math, language arts, and social studies skills with Google Docs, CAD modeling (and, possibly, 3D printing)
  3. Why Student Blogs are a great way to improve writing (and how to handle the logistics)
  4. Updated info and tips regarding 3D Printers in the classroom…

Stay tuned!

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